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What Tattooers are saying about Magic Moon Tattoo Needles


"Their quality control can't be beat. A rejected needle from Magic Moon is a very rare thing."
                                                                                                     - Marcus Pacheco, Primal Urge Studios

"Magic Moon Needles are great! Every needle that comes out of thebox is consistent. I really like the straight round liners, the feed onthe needle is real nice, makes outlining easy and leaves asolid bold line. All the configurations are of wonderful quality, it's a tattooer owned company, all around fucking killer!"
                                                                                                - Paul Dobleman, Spider Murphys Tattoo

I've been tattooing for over 15 years. I haven't found any needles as consistent as these since I used to build them myself. There's no guessing with these needles. Whether you want to do fine line work or big and bold traditional tattoos Magic Moon is the only way to go!"
                                                                                                           - Eli Falconette, Rose and Dagger Tattoo

"Very consistent and top quality, definitely recommend these needles for the artist that is particular about their equipment"
                                                                                                                - Erik Axel Brunt,Triple Crown Tattoo

"After making my own needles for 10 years or more, I was used to a consistent build every time. So when I started buying premades, I spent many years switching from one company to the next, always for the same reason: a lack of consistency. Usually the needles would be inconsistently built,or barbed, and you'd have to throw away a good share, or in worse cases, all of the sudden the company would change the type of sharps they were using! Magic Moon maintains steady and consistent quality control both in construction and materials, so they are the next best thing to making your own. The only thing missing is that sweet burn of soldering flux up my nose!"          -Scott Ellis,  Triple Crown Tattoo